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How to Maintain Construction Equipment in the Winter

February 19, 2020

We’re winter ready at EDGE1.

Construction continues even throughout the winter, so it is important to ensure your equipment is working properly when it’s below 0 degrees outside to keep your job on schedule. You are dealing with heavy, high functioning tools and machines that must be kept in good condition for many reasons, including safety.

How much do you know about your machine? It is important to make sure that you grasp an understanding of the machine you are renting so that it works reliably without any downtime. Doing so serves many benefits for yourself and the construction project; a well-working machine will do a better job, get the job done quicker without delays and require less servicing.

Here’s what you need to do to make your construction equipment survive winter:

  1. Grease Points: Properly grease all parts of equipment to prevent moisture build-up. Use appropriate grease for the colder temperatures.
  2. Fuel: keep fuel tank full to prevent condensation that could freeze in your fuel line. Consider diesel additives that prevent freezing.
  3. Go for regular oil changes – The cold weather can create problems to your engine and slow you down. Use the right coolant to water ratio. A 50/50 is fine for warm weather but cold may require a 70/30 mix.
  4. Batteries: Battery electrolyte should be filled to the appropriate level and terminals should be debris and rust-free.
  5. Check tires – Snow, ice and mud will make the ground slippery, so you need tires that have traction, are in good condition and safe. Check inflation as tires have lower pressure in colder weather. If it is too muddy outside, it is better to use track mounted vehicles instead.
  6. Cover the machine if it’s being left outdoors – Avoid unpredictable weather damage that can cause the machine to break down or rust. However, it is preferred that you store equipment inside when possible for optimal reliability.
  7. Clean your machine – If you are using an excavator or any sort of lift, make sure the attachments are cleared with no blockage that’s preventing it from doing its job. For operator safety, make sure floors and access points are kept clean to prevent slips and falls.
  8. Let it warm up – Start up the machine and allow it to warm up for a couple of minutes that way you get the engine going and it’ll be able to run smoothly.
  9. Hydraulics: Check all hydraulic hoses for leaks or loss of pressure.

EDGE1 prides itself on delivering high-quality equipment, service and repairs. Offering brand name equipment rentals, such as Wacker Neuson, Deere, Bosch, SkyJack and more. They all help you get the job done in no time and our customers can trust that our company is the right choice.

Winter doesn’t last forever, so make your equipment outlast it. Visit EDGE1 today to rent from the top equipment rental company in the GTA. Learn more on our website at https://edge1.ca/ and follow us on all our social media platforms.

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