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How to ensure your Machine is Working Properly

August 21, 2019

Is your machine giving you issues? It is an unfortunate moment when your piece of equipment decides to break down on you. Construction equipment is a big responsibility to manage. Not to mention it can be expensive when any piece of equipment breaks down, depending on the make and model. You want to ensure that the machine on the job site is working effectively and efficiently, so your project stays on target. Delays cost money and you want to avoid this from happening. The key is addressing potential problems right away.

What Do You Need to Look For?

It is important to understand the difference between a machine working and a machine working well. There can be underlining damages or concerns. First and foremost, you want to ensure everyone’s safety. Secondly, paying attention to the signs that your machine is not functioning as it used to, is a clear indication that you need to have a closer look. For example, watch for these signs:

  1. Is it running slower than usual?
  2. Loose parts? Does something on your machine look out of place?
  3. Is there a strange odour, like gas or burning oil, coming from your machine?
  4. Are you hearing a strange noise or unnecessary vibration coming from the machine?

If any of these sound familiar, be sure to get your equipment checked out immediately.

Repair Vs. Replace

  1. Cost – Ask yourself, in the long run; is it beneficial to spend money on repairing your old machine, or should you purchase something new? Repairing your equipment may be the cheapest option since you would only need to replace a part or two, as opposed to an entire machine. Depending on how much life is left on the equipment after a repair, you can better judge on what the next step should be.
  2. Time – Repairing your equipment parts or tools will get you back to work quicker, instead of having to wait around for the whole machine. If the job is on a tight schedule you may want to rent another machine or order a new one for future. Your Edge1 representative can help you make that decision.
  3. Longevity – Get the most out of your equipment and prolong its life span by inspecting your machine regularly with EDGE1. Have a maintenance and service schedule prior to large, lengthy projects. Being proactive can save you time and money.

4 Ways you can reduce the chances of machine breakdown:

  1. Keep your machine clean.
  2. Keep track of fluid use so you’re prepared if you need to do a refill or cleaning ahead of time.
  3. During poor weather conditions, keep all equipment covered or under shaded areas because the climate can ruin or rust the product.
  4. Do not push the limits on your machine/tools. Read through the manual and ensure your tools are fit for the size of the job, large or small.

EDGE1 offers exceptional repair services on tools, equipment and machinery. Our skilled staff provides a detailed examination of your product that needs replacing, offering onsite visits and repairs. With a quick turnaround, have your machine up and running and back on the job site in no time!

EDGE1 is a proud supplier and certified repair servicer for major equipment brands, including Wacker Neuson, JLG Industries, Bosch and more. Start your next job with EDGE1 Equipment Rentals and call today at 1.800.216.6663.

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